Technological Components

Ambient Intelligence environments are characterized, amongst other things, by the seamless confluence of diverse computing platforms, unobtrusive monitoring and sensing (for example, through computer vision), and advance visual representations of information. These services are developed as technological components which horizontally support the development of AmI applications, services and environments.

Flash projector stitching

A generic software component and support tool for developing applications that support multi-projector stitching


Communication middleware layer for Ambient Intelligence Environments

Visualization component for AmI Environments

A component for rendering in a variety of human readable forms information received by a stream-processing engine (SPE) that detects interesting…

Interactive Multimedia Viewer

The Interactive Multimedia Viewer enables the presentation and remote management of multimedia content presentes in one or more computers at the same…


AMI CMS is a web platform that manages Ambient Intelligence applications, enabling users to administer multimedia scenarios and installations