Location-based games for AmI environments

Five games for AmI environments that employ body tracking

Five (5) games for AmI environments employing body tracking:

(a) body painting: as players move around the terrain, they paint on a virtual floor; using a mobile phone, users can change properties of the brush associated to them; the created paintings can be printed or saved as JPEG images;

(b) footprints: as players move around, the contact area of their feet with the floor is used to paint on a virtual floor;

(c) paint the floor: the floor is divided in a 20×20 grid of grey tiles; as players move around, they paint with their color the tiles that they are stepping on; the winner is the player that will manage to paint first a number of tiles that is equal to the total number of tiles divided by the number of players;

(d) floorman: players, represented by mops, have to clear the dots off the virtual floor to gain score points; a bonus fruit (e.g., a cherry) randomly appears on the virtual floor’s center; the player who reaches it becomes a hunter for a few seconds and can steal points from other players by colliding with them;

(e) walkman: alternating black and white areas representing piano keys are laid on the floor; players can create music by stepping on them.


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