Human Body Motion

Human Computer Interaction in Ambient Intelligence environments can be based on human location, posture and motion. Using visual sensors computers can interpret human motion and gestures into commands and, also, track person locations in the environment. Moreover, hand, head and gaze motion provides information about a user activities and attention.


Aether is an interactive system that allows the creation of a continuous flow of an unlimited number of images through any number of computers…

Interactive wall

The Interactive Wall supports games that can played by one, two or more players simultaneously, using their entire body, in a space of about 3 x 3 m…

Smart office

A typical office environment augmented with Ambient Intelligence technologies.


A system allowing modeling, storing, visualization and multimodal interaction with timelines

Virtual Fitting Room

Virtual Fitting Room provides motion-based interaction to the users and suggests various outfits. The system enables users to stand in front of it and…

Adaptable, personalizable and multi-user museum exhibits

A complete solution to enhance visitor experiences within Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs), by augmenting two dimensional paintings.

Ami Entrance with Password Identification

This is a system that welcomes users at the entrance of a building and requests their identification number in order to provide access in the building…

AmI Playfield

AmI Playfield is an Ambient Intelligent (AmI) environment for learning which offers an innovative approach, emphasizing the use of relatively low-cost…

Be There Now!

Be There Now! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting…


Beantable is an augmented interactive table supporting young children’s development through the monitored use of smart games


A piece of interactive smart furniture for the living room, that builds upon the paradigm of surface computing.


A fun game played using real flyswatters

Intelligent Hotel Room

This work presents an innovative application of ambient technology in the domain of tourism and leisure that aims to improve the quality of services…

Interactive 3D virtual assistants in AmI environments

The system is a framework which can be used by applications in ambient intelligence environments in order to provide assistance to users, either…

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle offers all the typical functionality of jigsaw puzzles along with a lot more. Jigsaw Puzzle can be played using a multitouch screen or…
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