Interaction with Objects

A way that users can interact with Ambient Intelligence environments is through the use of objects. By visually finding objects that persons use in the environment and estimating their pose, the environment and the objects themselves can be augmented. In this way, conventional  objects may be augmented to become interactive displays. Printed matter, such as books, cards, or pamphlets, is a special class of objects because they contain information that reveals user interest. By recognizing images and text of items that a user reads it is possible to augment their content, as well as, provide new ways of interaction with them.

Art Games

A collection of ambient games for playing with art

Art Table

The Art Table is a complete solution based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 interactive table device that targets the art fruition experience by all…

Augmented School Desk

The Augmented School Desk is a smart artifact which integrates AmI technologies in the classroom learning process

Be There Now!

Be There Now! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting…


Beantable is an augmented interactive table supporting young children’s development through the monitored use of smart games


A piece of interactive smart furniture for the living room, that builds upon the paradigm of surface computing.


A fun game played using real flyswatters

Educational Card games

These games support learning by playing using physical cards and natural interaction

iEat: An interactive restaurant table

iEat is an innovative smart restaurant table that aims at enhancing restaurant customers’ experience in terms of entertainment, socialization, food…


An innovative wireless e-guide device also supporting exploratory gaming in physical environments.

Intelligent Hotel Room

This work presents an innovative application of ambient technology in the domain of tourism and leisure that aims to improve the quality of services…

Interactive Documents

The interactive documents system augments printed documents that are placed upon a surface (e.g., a plain table) with multimedia content and…

Museum Guide

This system aims to guide the visitor through a museum via an interactive map.


A digital exhibition-catalogue system which allows visitors to browse its content and dwell on details of images, read accompanying texts and follow…


Augmenting Physical Surfaces with Location-Aware Digital Information
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