Interactive Surfaces and Displays

In the everyday world, users spend a lot of time using surfaces such as desktops and tables. Within the context of the Ambient Intelligence program at FORTH, new ways interaction with such surfaces have been developed spanning a wide range of surfaces, from desktop environments, to restaurant tables, or child furniture. A central concept in these ways of interaction is the visual detection of fingertip touch upon pertinent surfaces, without the invasive instrumentation of objects with sensors.


Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a very large touch screen.

Stater 360²

Exploring archaeological artifacts in Stater 360² through physical and multitouch interaction with a double rotating gimbal.

Interactive Map

A system that comprises points of interest shown on a map which allows users to extract information in multimedia content and text form with the touch…

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a system that allows browsing and exploring large collections of multimedia information (images and videos) using touchless remote…


Augmenting Physical Surfaces with Location-Aware Digital Information


A very large interactive screen that can be used by several visitors who wish to explore multifaceted information on a subject at the same time.


A system that presents very large images, which visitors can explore by walking around in a room.

Ambient Intelligence for e-Health

Ambient Intelligence for e-Health (AmI-Health) is defined as the merging of "ubiquitous computing", “social user interfaces" and eHealth services…

Adaptable, personalizable and multi-user museum exhibits

A complete solution to enhance visitor experiences within Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs), by augmenting two dimensional paintings.

Art Games

A collection of ambient games for playing with art

Art Table

The Art Table is a complete solution based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 interactive table device that targets the art fruition experience by all…

Augmented School Desk

The Augmented School Desk is a smart artifact which integrates AmI technologies in the classroom learning process


Beantable is an augmented interactive table supporting young children’s development through the monitored use of smart games

Be There Now!

Be There Now! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting…


A piece of interactive smart furniture for the living room, that builds upon the paradigm of surface computing.
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