Responsive Web Applications and Augmented Reality Software to visualize the interior conditions and control greenhouses in a sophisticated manner.

GRETA is a system that interoperates with the ambient facilities of the ICS-FORTH’s Intelligent Greenhouse and offers a responsive web application targeting PCs and handheld devices (tablets, smartphones). Moreover, it delivers an Augmented Reality application that visualizes the greenhouse’s interior conditions in a sophisticated manner and provides context-sensitive assistance regarding the cultivation activities required in such environments.

End-users are able to: a) monitor the conditions inside and outside of the greenhouse; b) remotely control the state of various actuators, thus adjusting the micro-climate inside the greenhouse; c) be notified regarding the available/active automations (e.g. water pump deactivated automatically); d) be aware of the optimal conditions  for  their plants to grow, and receive relevant guidelines; e) be informed regarding any diseases that may occur, and  get  recommendations  for  treating  the  plants. The aforementioned functionality, is delivered to end-users in a personalized manner, keeping in mind the characteristics and needs of each target group   (i.e. professional farmer, hobbyist farmer and production agronomist).

Regarding professional farmers, the system permits the remote control and management of the greenhouse, while offering personalized guidelines for cultivation-related tasks. Additionally, aiming to support hobbyists or inexperienced farmers, GRETA provides context-sensitive instructions for planting, caring and harvesting plants, while streamlining communication and knowledge sharing with experienced farmers (i.e. professionals, agronomists). Lastly, the system aids agronomists by offering an overview of  the greenhouse’s conditions, the plants’ status, development and growth, so as to support them while making suggestions to the producers towards increasing    the quantity and improving the quality of agriculture products (e.g. recommendations for plant caring, disease treatment).


Bekiaris, I., Leonidis, A., Korozi, M., Stratakis, C., Zidianakis, E., Doxastaki, M. and Stephanidis, C. (2021). GRETA: Pervasive and AR Interfaces for Controlling Intelligent Greenhouses. The 17th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE2021) will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at Middlesex University Dubai from June 21 – June 24, 2021.