e-Branch Piraeus Bank

Heraklion, Crete

Since October 2018

Piraeus Bank SA opened their first e-Branch in the city of Heraklion in October 2018. This novel facility aims to enhance the bank’s clients banking experience and promote digital information services. ICS-FORTH has collaborated with Piraeus Bank and developed “Navigation Map”, an interactive Ambient Intelligence system which enables e-Branch visitors to explore the products and services offered by the Bank; all relative information, which includes multimedia materials, is presented on a large touch screen. Furthermore, the layout of the e-Branch is shown with points of service noted and a user access guide.

Navigation Map” includes “smart” showcases located next to the main touch screen, which contain information flyers. Every time a customer selects a flyer and picks it up, the system responds by projecting all relative information on the main touch screen, which is then available for browsing through to the user.

Contact details

e-Branch Piraeus Bank
25th Avgoustou
GR-71202 Heraklion