Stater 360²

Stater 360²

Exploring archaeological artifacts in Stater 360² through physical and multitouch interaction with a double rotating gimbal.

Three distinct – but interconnected – versions of an interactive application which can be used to explore and learn about archaeological artifacts. The key feature of this application is the combination of high resolution photos of the artifact taken from numerous different angles around it (and occasionally using different lighting) with 3D modeling in order to support a high quality, interactive, experience.

The distinct versions of the application are targeted to different technological platforms and contexts of use. More specifically:

(a) Web application: Can be downloaded and run on any type of personal computer (PC, laptop, Mac, etc.). It is targeted to home use, supporting interaction through the screen, mouse and keyboard.

(b) Interactive museum installation: Can be installed in any venue at various sizes. Uses 360 high-resolution images per artifact and supports advanced interaction methods on ordinary surfaces (e.g., rotating a metal disk to access different views, multi-touch on a non-instrumented surface).

(c) Mobile / tablet application: Can be installed at novel mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It can be used anywhere, even on the move, or as a multimedia guide at the same place (i.e., museum) where the artifacts reside.


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