Info Point, Tourism Office, Municipality of Heraklion

Crete, Greece

Since June 2015

InfoPoint, Tourism Office is an original facility by international standards that promotes what the island has to offer and provides visitors with novel ways to access information through the use of modern technologies and innovative interactive systems developed by ICS-FORTH.

The seven (7) systems that have been deployed are:

  • Infocloud, a colorful mosaic of photographs and other multimedia material showcasing the civilization and landmarks of Crete “flows” across a large touch screen. Visitors can select any image by touch, to see it in larger size and read complimentary information.
  • Be There NOW! Photographs of many different locations and landmarks of Crete are projected one at a time on a wall. When visitors stand in front of an image they see themselves projected within it, and they can even e-mail themselves a souvenir photograph.
  • PaperView presents a map of the entire island printed on a large table-top, which comes to life once the visitor places a piece of cardboard on the surface of the table. When the cardboard piece is on the table it is transformed into a personal interactive screen which shows the corresponding part of the map and when it is centered over a point of interest, multimedia information about the specific location.
  • Interactive Documents: On a plain table surface visitors may place the printed map of the historical center of Heraklion which is freely distributed by Info point. The system electronically augments the printed map with multimedia information in several languages and user is able to interact through touch with the map in order to extract further information.
  • Media Gallery presents an extensive collection of photographs and other multimedia materials about the flora and fauna of Crete that can be navigated by gesture.
  • Stater 360²  comprises a revolving disk which seems made of clay and on this surface the Phaistos Disk is projected in different states. Visitors may turn the disk over in order to see both sides, while they can find out information about this legendary discovery of Minoan archaeology by touching the surface.
  • A Game Table, is a game kiosk that includes a multitouch screen which can be used from one or more players and is consisted of two educative and entertaining games that present images and information about Crete through playing.
    • Jigsaw Puzzle. Players are called to complete a puzzle. Players are allowed to select the difficulty level and image of their preference. As the puzzle is successfully completed, users can explore information related to that image.
    • Cryptolexo. Words are hided within a grid of random letters, which users are called to detect. As the words are successfully selected, multimedia content with descriptive text is provided on the screen.

There is one more system, which presents a synthesis of technology with art not only inside InfoPoint, but also to the historic pedestrian way in front of the building. This is an Interactive Sculpture, where innovative technologies are combined with visual arts. Set in the main window, it draws inspiration from the myth of the Labyrinth, works of Nikos Kazantzakis and other elements of Crete’s long cultural tradition to form a complex double-sided relief that welcomes visitors to explore it by touch.

Contact details

Municipality of Heraklion
Tourism Department, InfoPoint
Nikiforou Foka Square

Tel.: 2813 4097 77 – 80
Fax: 2813 4097 81