Interactive Documents

A system that augments printed documents placed upon a surface (e.g., a plain table) with multimedia content and interactive applications. Such content is dynamically displayed in augmentation to the currently open page of the document, and is aligned in real-time with its 2D orientation upon the table surface.

In more details, physical documents become interactive, as soon as they are placed upon the table surface, while users can select any of the interactive hot-spot areas of the document in order to view related multimedia content (e.g., images or videos) or deploy interactive applications.

Interaction with the documents, the provided multimedia content and applications is achieved using touch.

Target Domains

“Interactive documents” is a versatile system that can accommodate various applications from different domains. Indicatively, it can be a useful educational tool for primary, secondary and life-long learning, augmenting books with complementary multimedia information, and providing interactive playful exercises related to the open book page’s content.

Another application domain is commerce and marketing. In more details, printed advertising material can be enhanced with multimedia information and interactive applications that aim to provide better comprehension of the promoted product to the customers.


Long Term Installations

Temporary Installations


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