Ambient Intelligence technologies can play an important role in enriching the education experience. Such technologies offer students increased access to information within an augmented teaching environment which encourages active learning and collaboration, enhancing their motivation to learn. Research work in this domain includes the learner-centered design and implementation of infrastructure technologies, prototype intelligent systems and applications, smart artifacts for learning and serious games.

Info Kiosk

Info kiosk provides information within categories in the form of augmented digital book, enriched with additional features.


Beantable is an augmented interactive table supporting young children’s development through the monitored use of smart games

Educational Card games

These games support learning by playing using physical cards and natural interaction

The Book of Ellie

The system presents an approach towards augmenting a physical book and enabling interaction through physical cards, with the purpose of providing a…


An innovative wireless e-guide device also supporting exploratory gaming in physical environments.

Interactive Documents

The interactive documents system augments printed documents that are placed upon a surface (e.g., a plain table) with multimedia content and…

Teacher Assistant

AMI-RIA monitors learners’ activities in the classroom and keeps the teacher informed, facilitating classroom management

Art Table

The Art Table is a complete solution based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 interactive table device that targets the art fruition experience by all…

Art Games

A collection of ambient games for playing with art


The ClassMATE framework enables context aware education in the classroom

Study Table

Study Table is an interactive table aiming to augment physical books

Augmented School Desk

The Augmented School Desk is a smart artifact which integrates AmI technologies in the classroom learning process

Mobile Student Organizer

The Mobile Student Organizer is a classroom diary available on an e-book reader

AmI Playfield

AmI Playfield is an Ambient Intelligent (AmI) environment for learning which offers an innovative approach, emphasizing the use of relatively low-cost…


The PUPIL framework facilitates the design, development and deployment of pervasive educational applications
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