Leisure & Entertainment

Ambient games and other AmI entertainment applications are fun and attractive for people of all ages, offering memorable experiences for their players, and can extend their purpose to many other domains such as browsing information, learning, advertising, etc. A variety of ambient games and entertainment systems have been developed and deployed in real-life settings, obtaining unprecedented success from players and visitors.

Be There Now!

Be There Now! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting…

Museum Guide

This system aims to guide the visitor through a museum via an interactive map.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a system that allows browsing and exploring large collections of multimedia information (images and videos) using touchless remote…


Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a very large touch screen.

Interactive wall

The Interactive Wall supports games that can played by one, two or more players simultaneously, using their entire body, in a space of about 3 x 3 m…

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle offers all the typical functionality of jigsaw puzzles along with a lot more. Jigsaw Puzzle can be played using a multitouch screen or…


CopyCut is an interactive exhibit that supports artistic creation through a very a simple, easy to learn and engage, interaction approach that yields…

Location-based games for AmI environments

Five games for AmI environments that employ body tracking

Intelligent Hotel Room

This work presents an innovative application of ambient technology in the domain of tourism and leisure that aims to improve the quality of services…


An augmented reality tabletop game using physics engine to provide realistic interactions among virtual objects and the real world


A piece of interactive smart furniture for the living room, that builds upon the paradigm of surface computing.


A fun game played using real flyswatters