Creative Crete – Airports and seaports

Crete, Greece

Since July 2013

A unique installation of pioneering interactive technologies located at Crete’s main entry points – the international airports and the seaports of Heraklion and Chania. “Creative Crete” was realized by the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas under the initiative of the Region of Crete.

The installation comprises four (4) interactive exhibits which combine futuristic technology with art and media. Through these exhibits, incoming visitors have the opportunity to enjoy seamless and playful interaction not only with the history, nature and tradition of Crete, but also with its worldwide renowned scientific and technological achievements. Already, the exhibits have generated an enthusiastic response from arriving travelers, who have taken and e-mailed thousands of photographs of themselves enjoying the exhibits.

  • Be There NOW! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting the visitors standing before it, within the landscapes and the vistas projected, as if they were at that place.
  • Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a very large touch screen, presented in a constant flow.
  • Media Gallery  allows browsing and exploring large collections of multimedia information (images and video clips) using touchless remote interaction, by employing computer vision technologies.
  • Panoptes presents traditional Cretan products and recipes and allows physical interaction and navigation through the digital content presented by two screens via  a traditional artifact.


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