e-Branch Piraeus Bank “Panoptes”

Heraklion, Crete

Since July 2020

Called upon by Piraeus Bank to create a temporary installation at the seminal e-Branch at St. Titus Square in Heraklion, ICS-FORTH responded with a special no-touch edition of the “Panoptes” interactive system.

Piraeus Bank SA opened their first e-Branch in Heraklion in October 2018, a novel facility that aims to enhance the bank’s clients banking experience and promote digital information services. ICS-FORTH installed an interactive “Navigation Map” in this branch for the convenience of the Bank’s customers.

Since July 2020, in the same space, customers will also find “Panoptes,” inviting them to rediscover the island of Crete. In this novel interactive installation, the augmented physical object through which users interact with the system is operated via close distance gesture, instead of touch. It is a three-part glass-made showcase, dedicated to the sea, the land and the people of Crete. When a user selects a part, it is highlighted and corresponding images are shown on two large screens; the images are courtesy of the Region of Crete.

Contact details

e-Branch Piraeus Bank
25th Avgoustou
GR-71202 Heraklion