InnoDays 2023

Heraklion, Crete

24 — 26 November, 2023

FORTH-ICS was invited to showcase four (4) interactive systems at the largest innovation exhibition in Crete.

  • Knossos AR: A mobile application that provides virtual access to various monuments and points of interest in the Archaeological Site of Knossos. Using augmented reality technology, the application transforms a large printed map into a digital tour experience in the palace of Knossos. With more than eleven incorporated 3D scenes, users are able to virtually explore areas of the site that are not open to the public, inspect unique features of the palace and learn about Minoan culture in an entertaining and interactive way.
  • Intelligent Greenhouse: a small-scale experimental greenhouse that makes use of state-of-the-art technologies, so as to cover the entire spectrum of production and streamline the synergy and interaction among people and smart environments in the domain of Agri-food.
  • Crete AR: An advanced system leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Mixed and Augmented Reality to encourage virtual exploration of the island of Crete. “Crete AR” enables users to navigate different points of interest, such as cities, monuments, and attractions, through a blend of digital and tactile interactions. Users can select points on the 3D representation of Crete, triggering the projection of relevant digital content (e.g., 3D animated models) onto Mixed Reality glasses, providing a distinctive and interactive experience.
  • WhiteroomA fully programmable Extended Reality (XR) room capable of executing diverse scenarios, facilitating user immersion into a wide range of environments (e.g., solar system).