Messara Valley Tourist Information Center

Moires, Crete, Greece

Since October 2015

Three (3) interactive systems were selected by the Holy Diocese of Gortyna and Arkadia for the Messara Valley Tourist Information Center in Moires.

  • Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a large touch screen. When a word/image is selected, an information window opens, which may contain an image or video accompanied by a short textual description. All selected items can be freely moved and tossed around, as well as magnified or shrunk using multi touch gestures.
  • Peridexio is a digital exhibition-catalogue system which allows visitors to browse its content and dwell on details of images, read accompanying texts and follow threads of information.
  • PaperView is a tabletop augmented reality system that supports the exploration of terrain-based information (e.g., areas of interest on a 2D map, or a 3D scale model) using rectangular pieces of plain cardboard. The system allows users to study information and interactive multimedia, using the cardboards as individual interactive screens; these cardboard screens can be lifted and held at various angles. Multiple users can concurrently use the table.

Contact details

Messara Valley Tourism Information Center
Mitropoleos 9
GR-704 00 Moires, Crete

Tel.: +30 28920 22208