Techn-e-ology 2017

Heraklion, Crete

3 — 7 July, 2017

The Ambient Intelligence Programme of the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH (ICS-FORTH) takes part in the Municipality of Heraklion Art en Route 2017 festival with a special exhibition entitled Techn-e-ology, being held in St. Mark’s Basilica. In the exhibition, art converses with modern technology and innovative research results in computer science are incorporated into visual artworks.

At the core of the exhibition are 4+1 interactive systems: Four of them point to the early 20th century, in structures that take visitors on a journey to the Crete of yesteryear; the fifth is an interactive sculpture soon intended to adorn the entrance of the revamped Vikelaia Municipal Library. The work pays homage to the women and men of letters in the history of Crete.

Around these systems, visitors will find other interactive systems and images recording the course of ICS-FORTH over recent years in the domain of interactive technologies for cultural heritage, during which its intervention in public space has assumed all kinds of shapes, colours and dimensions.

ICS-FORTH has been a pioneer in interactive installations for cultural heritage organizations, both in Greece and internationally, for a long time. Long-term collaboration between the Institute and the Municipality of Heraklion has already yielded highly significant results.