Teloglion Foundation of Art A.U.Th.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Since January 2014

As part of the largest university in Greece the Teloglion Foundation of Art A.U.Th. comprise more than 7,000 works and its extensive collection can, to a large extent, tell the story of modern Greek art up to the present day. In addition to important nineteenth -and twentieth- century artists, the strong points of the collection are its representation of abstraction in Greece and Northern Greek painters. There is an exceptional collection of twentieth-century prints, complemented by smaller collections of sculpture, antiquities, Far Eastern art, ceramics, glass and textiles, while new donations are added on a daily basis.

Two (2) interactive systems have been provided by ICS-FORTH and  are located in the lobby of the Teloglion Foundation of Art – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Moreover, the Foundation provides a mobile application that guides users to its collection.

  • Infocloud is a very versatile system that can be used for presenting any collection of multimedia information (even if comprising highly heterogeneous items) in a visually appealing interactive way. Infocloud presents the collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails slowly flowing along a very large touch screen. Users may select any of these items, in order to access all relevant multimedia materials and informations.
  • Be There NOW! is an interactive system that invites users to explore different images by immersing themselves inside them. The images are projected on a large size screen and users can browse them; when users stand in front of the images, the system separates them from the background and displays them within the projected image. Furthermore, the resulting instance can be acquired and sent to the users’ emails instantly as a keepsake.
  • Museum Guide is a mobile application that takes advantage of the near-ubiquity of mobile devices to create a rich museum touring guide that escorts the user during their visit to a museum. In order to identify the visitor’s location in the museum, the use of QR Codes was adopted. Each public building area (e.g., Cafeteria, Gift shop, WC, etc.) has been assigned its own code, as has each individual exhibit within the museum. Through the use of their device’s built-in camera, a visitor can inform the application of their current location or identify an exhibit they may be interested in finding more about. With always-available information and multimedia regarding all exhibits and other points of interest and the ability to tailor their experience to their needs, visitors are essentially accompanied by a comprehensive, intelligent guide that makes their museum experience not only richer, but also more efficient.

Contact details

Teloglion Foundation of Art
Agiou Dimitriou
GR-546 36 Thessaloniki

Tel.: +30 231 024 7111