Zappeion School for Girls

Istanbul, Turkey

Since March 2016

Zappeion is considered as prestigious as the Athenian Arsakeion School. It operated for the first time in 1875 at an old leased building. Since 1885 the school has been in a building near Taksim square, adjacent to the Greek Trinity temple. It was like an educational palace, equipped with modern learning tools and pianos from Paris. It is an asset for Constantinople and remains a live proof of Greek civilization and architecture.

Two interactive systems have been installed in the Zappeion School for Girls (Ozel Zapyon Rum Kiz Lisesi) and implemented by the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), to assist with Greek language courses.

The Book of Ellie for primary education children which presents an approach towards augmenting a physical book and enabling interaction through physical cards and Beantable, an augmented interactive table which offers various educative and entertaining applications to children, both provide a playful approach to learning the alphabet.

These systems were developed in cooperation with the World Federation of People from Constantinople and the Centre of Intercultural and Migration Studies of the University of Crete provided the educational content.