Ambient Intelligence for e-Health

Ambient Intelligence for e-Health (AmI-Health) is defined as the merging of “ubiquitous computing”, “social user interfaces” and eHealth services for providing a flexible, dynamic, intelligent technological infrastructure for ubiquitous management of health’s status.

In this environment people (patients, doctors, nurses, and informal caregivers) are empowered through smart digital sensors and actuators that are aware of their presence, and can support their need using specific health profiling context and services. We thus, try to combine information and communication technologies to coordinate and support safe and high quality health care services in an information-rich, service-minded and easily accessible hospitalized environment.

AmI-Health supporting applications and services apply Ambient Intelligence technologies to clinical practice by presenting a Smart Patient Room, Smart Patient Monitoring Module, Medical-Tablet Display, and a Doctor’s Collaboration Table; thus, enabling the pervasive diffusion of intelligence in the surrounding environment of a hospital, through various wireless technologies, specialized devices and intelligent sensors/actuators, allowing the user to continuously and uninterruptible control his surrounding environment.

Our main action point are to: a) carefully design of the facility to be accessible and efficient; b) redesign of clinical and business processes to operate reliably and safely; c) give emphasis on patient satisfaction; and d) fervent attention providing a superior workplace for physicians and staff.


AmI-Health Services

  • Smart Patient room
    • Room Control through intelligent tablet unit
    • Adaptive interface
    • Emergency Alarm function
    • Social media/entertainment factionality


  • Doctor’s office – Collaboration Table
    • Multitasking abilities, Multimodal interfaces, data collection and representation
    • Medical Diagnostic tools control
    • Access to adapted and personalized information
    • Knowledge management, Awareness of patients and artifacts


  • Smart Patient Monitoring Module
    • Autonomous monitoring module, easily mounted to create AmI-Health environments around the patient’s bed, hospital wheel chair, etc.
    • Biomedical signal telemetry : Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Weight, ECG monitoring in real time
    • Scalable communication technologies / Wireless technologies, Context-aware communication


  • Clinical Information Systems of hospitals
    • Linkage with Clinical/Hospital Information systems
    • Medical Data Management, Safety and clinical quality



Objectives and goals

  • Increased data accuracy & availability (Smart access to Electronic Medical Records; shared medical device interconnectivity and integration; global view of the patient / unit)
  • Rapid information dissemination (physiological data; alarm event management; advanced communication platforms, mobile units, tablets, smart phones; location content)
  • Enhanced error checking & validation (identification & association; location content; correct information; focused response)