A series of ambient games has been developed for enhancing art and painting knowledge skills through an enjoyable social experience for people of all ages. The games are based on a general art ontology providing detailed historical and technical information on paintings, painters, painting techniques and styles, etc.


Art Collector is a board game that can be played by two to four players. The main concept of the game is to present a map of a country or a continent as it was during a specific art period (for example Europe during the Renaissance, modern Europe etc). In this map a track is presented passing through the main focal points of the specific period. The interaction with players is carried out through (a) augmented dice, (b) augmented player avatars, (c) onboard touch screen controls, (d) physical controllers with four switches and (e) speech recognition. Each player throws the dice and the system based on the location of the player’s avatar generates questions that are related to the specific art period and to the specific location where the avatar is located. Correct answers allow the player to re-throw the dice while wrong answers give the turn to the next player. The player that manages to pass the finishing line first wins the game.


Paintings Plane is a quiz game where no correct or wrong answers exist. Users reply to questions posed by the game and their answers prompt the game to provide further information; based on this new information, new questions are raised. The questions relate with POIs in the presented artifact. Deep zooming is used to allow the game to focus on the area of painting which is of interest.


Colour Mixer allows users to virtually experiment on colour mixes through an interactive application. Colour Mixer extracts the colour and pigment information from the ontology while using specific colour space transformations to accomplish colour mixes that can resemble the qualities of actual pigments.


Long Term Installations