CognitOS is a configurable, web-based, window manager that transforms the attention-aware classroom into a unified environment.

CognitOS is a web-based window manager that hosts educational applications and instantiates a common Look ‘n’ Feel across the various classroom artifacts, thus transforming the classroom into a unified environment rather than a group of isolated units.

Apart from being a simple educational application host, CognitOS also aims to support the mission of Attention-aware Intelligent Classrooms as reflected by its Latin-based name that means “motivated”.  Therefore, CognitOS can – when it is deemed necessary by the LECTOR framework – act as a host of interventions aiming to (i) draw the educator’s attention on problematic situations and (ii) re-engage distracted or unmotivated students in the educational process.

Since each classroom environment possesses diverse characteristics (e.g. students’ numbers or abilities, classroom setting), CognitOS supports extensive configuration of its functionality by design. Its modular architecture allows new applications to be easily integrated, while its functionality can be extended/modified as needed. To that end, CognitOS provides an expandable API that can be further utilized by the educators to customize the system’s behavior and define rules for the different use cases, in order to properly address the educational needs of the target classroom.


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