Mobile Student Organizer

The Mobile Student Organizer is a classroom diary available on an e-book reader

The Mobile Student Organizer is a system designed for e-book reading devices, aimed at assisting students in scheduling their studying and other everyday activities, providing a resource for all the necessary educational material, and constituting a useful tool within the classroom as well as at home.

Using the system a student can accomplish some common tasks, such as:

  • Stay informed about a lesson, its new lectures, related book pages, due dates etc.
  • Study from the lesson’s book
  • Take notes
  • View and solve provided exercises, inplace
  • Use hints while solving an exercise
  • Sumbit solved exercises
  • Use a school timetable which provides current week’s information
  • View incoming messages: e.g. info about new lectures, school activities, lecture postpones etc
  • Attend activities (place entry at the timetable)
  • Use some sub-applications: Chronograph and Dictionary are provided.


Besides the student’s application, a simple message composer was implemented, so a teacher or another system admin can send messages to the student, providing new lectures to study etc.