Money Game

Money Game is an interactive educational game, supporting touch and card-based interaction, that aims to familiarize children with monetary transactions.

Money Game is an interactive educational game aiming to educate children regarding monetary transactions. It includes a range of exercises aimed at learning coins and banknotes, separating euros and coins, understanding the value of coins and banknotes, practicing financial transactions with virtual product markets, and learning social behavior rules.

In addition to touch based interaction, the game supports physical interaction through printed cards (coins and banknotes) on a tabletop setup by detecting and tracking the cards placed on the game board.

Money Game features several types of mini-games and an extensive analytics framework that allows the trainers to monitor (even in real-time) the progress of their students.

The system comprises a touch screen, a computer, and a high resolution camera overlooking the area in front of the screen. A custom casing has been designed especially for this game to hide the technology from plain sight.


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