Teacher Assistant

AMI-RIA monitors learners’ activities in the classroom and keeps the teacher informed, facilitating classroom management

AMI-RIA aims to support the teacher during the educational process in the classroom, by providing facilities for real-time observation of the students’ activities and the mechanisms for identifying possible difficulties or issues for each student individually and for the classroom as a whole. In particular, AMI-RIA provides an infrastructure of intelligent agents for monitoring the students in an unobtrusive way, and exploits the advantages of ontologies to model their activities and apply reasoning on them. This information is utilized to make the teacher aware about the students’ activities in the classroom in order to intervene when necessary and provide help or adapt the teaching process. An application for the teacher has been developed to present a real-time live view of the classroom and provide statistics and graphs about the students’ progress and performance. In addition, a set of tools have been incorporated in the system, enhancing the typical procedures that can be found in conventional classrooms, such as the attendance record and the lesson schedule.


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