The Artist’s Workshop: The AmI approach to creativity

The digitally augmented traditional art workshop offers novel means of traditional painting. Within the workshop, the Artist’s activities are facilitated by technology from the conceptual generation of the painting to its composition and implementation.

The workshop integrates:

  • an interactive design table with various applications hosted within an augmented table (Microsoft Surface 2.0)
  • an art creation space offering augmented reality during the artistic creation as long as various assistants and
  • a model’s plane where new compositions can be setup and processed during art creation.


The infrastructure offers the necessary means for artists to:

  • build technical understanding of their medium
  • express themselves and decide what to produce
  • communicate their work by applying the principles and elements of visual art
  • apply techniques and knowledge in any desired medium


The digitally augmented traditional art workshop offers novel means of traditional painting, through:

  • seamless integration of the physical and the digital worlds to provide digital support for physical painting
  • natural interaction with art knowledge resources during the art education and creative processes
  • knowledge and tools for artistic creation
  • the provision of a solid framework for producing compositions, mixing traditional approaches and modern technology.


The Artist Workshop offers a number of facilities to address the need of the majority of art creation scenarios including:

  • Art history and material: The workshop facilitates browsing art history and supplies, compering material and browsing works of art both by famous artists and through the internet.
  • Composition: Four modes are supported. Composition using digital media, 3D compositions using geometric objects, traditional geometric composition and physical composition in the model’s plane.
  • Color mixing and theory: A virtual painting palette is available for artist to create and test virtual color mixtures. The color wheel introduces the concepts of color theory as used in architecture and painting.
  • Art creation: The art creation space employs augmented reality for art creation while also offering a number of facilities for color mixing, composition transferring, image processing filters, sketch extraction, composition preview, framing completed artworks etc.


Target Domains

The workshop addresses any Art Education institution wishing to integrate state of the art technology for Art creation.


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