Wizard of AmI

An online platform that supports the design process of applications for Intelligent Environments by enabling the creation of interactive, prototype-based, scenarios.

“Wizard of AmI” is a prototyping tool for Intelligent Environments. It targets designers of interactive context-sensitive (e.g. sensors, smart services) applications for Intelligent Environments, which can be used via multiple displays at the same time.

Initially, through the system, the designers create the desired user scenarios by mapping a series of mockups to the environment (i.e. select what is to be presented and where). Next, through a novel graph-inspired interface, they define the flow and interactivity of the scenario (i.e. when it is to be presented), while at the end, they can execute the scenario either virtually or on-site, in order to assess the overall User Experience and to conduct user-based evaluation. During on-site scenario enactment, following the established ‘Wizard of Oz’ technique, the mobile companion application allows the designers to control its execution flow on demand.