Archaeological Μuseum of Messara

Gortyna, Crete

Since February 2023

The new Archaeological Museum of Messara aims to highlight the unique character of this important region over time, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, to highlight the impact of the particular geomorphology of the area on the emergence and development of civilization with the assistance of advanced technology, to talk about the past of this region to children and young people and to serve as an interconnection point for the numerous archaeological sites and monuments of the area.

In this context, the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH developed a series of original interactive informative and educational applications that are an integral and functional part of the space. Indicative examples of such applications are the following:

  • 3D representation of the Disc of Phaistos and seals: This application includes a transparent digital touch screen and presents a 3D digital representation of the Disc of Phaistos and selected seals, accompanied by relevant information in the form of text and images.
  • Digital tour guide for mobile devices: An application for mobile devices (iOS, Android) which allows browsing the Museum spaces both digitally and in person, assuming the role of a tour guide.
  • “Treasure Hunt” Educational app: App for mobile devices (iOS, Android), which invites the visitor to participate in playfully solving a series of puzzles in order to win a prize.
  • Digital interactive map: Includes a digital map of the area of Messara with the identified archaeological sites and monuments, as well as the road network connecting them.
  • Interactive information systems: They offer the possibility of presenting and developing information in thematic sections, in the form of an augmented digital book, enriched with additional features. Each section includes texts, images, videos, as well as the ability to embed mini-games.
  • Presentation/Projection Systems: The ability to play multimedia presentations in continuous repetition, which include images and videos, is provided.

Contact details

Archaeological Μuseum of Messara
Ampelouzos Postal Code 700 12
Agii Deka (Heraklion Regional Unit, Crete)
Telephone +30 2892027177