Kalamata Infopoint

Info points, Tourism Office, Municipality of Kalamata


Since April 2023

FORTH-ICS completed the installation of two new tourist information points in the city of Kalamata, which utilize cutting-edge technologies and provide visitors with modern, innovative and alternative ways of information. The information points aim to provide comprehensive information to the local population and visitors on tourist and cultural issues of the city.

The technological infrastructure of the information points consists of original interactive systems which aim to inform visitors and promote tourism and culture through advanced interactive information services and experiential interaction.

The interactive information points are electronically interconnected. The first one, located in the Historic Town Hall of Kalamata, houses ten interactive systems, while the second one, located in a pavilion in the coastal zone of Kalamata, hosts three interactive systems.

Moreover, in the framework of the project, a single infrastructure for the preservation and cataloguing of digital content for the Municipality of Kalamata was created, which is available in the form of open data and allows its dissemination.