National Historical Museum

Athens, Greece

Since April 2021

It is a special honor and great pleasure for the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH that it was invited to participate in the great anniversary exhibition for the Revolution of 1821 entitled REVOLUTION ’21 REFRAMED, organized by the National Historical Museum in the Old Parliament House as part of the celebration of 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution.

The central anniversary exhibition seeks to highlight the ideas, causes, persons, events and results of the Greek War of Independence, as they were formed through conflicts and compositions of different interests and traditions. The exhibition has been enriched with a series of interactive systems designed and implemented by ICS-FORTH to serve the needs of the exhibition.

The systems focus on a number of topics in the exhibition:

  • The Charta of Rigas, where a large interactive view of the Charta gives visitors the opportunity to explore the complex content of this landmark work of Rigas Feraios.
  • The Chronology of the Struggle, which unfolds in two large interactive touch projections and presents events, persons and places of the Revolution.
  • The Athens Bazaar, an excellent watercolor by the traveler Edward Dodwell, depicting the inhabitants of the city in the early 19th century, is presented on a touch screen and offers information about society at the time.
  • Weapons of the Revolution, a “smart” interactive showcase of relics of the Revolution.
  • The Press of the Revolution, a system that presents on a touch screen articles about the Revolution from Greek and Foreign Newspapers of the 1820s.


ICS-FORTH interactive systems were also included in several regional exhibitions organized by the National Historical Museum in various cities outside Athens.

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