Tourism Information Center, Municipality of Hersonissos

Crete, Greece

Since December 2015

Ten interactive systems are featured in the Tourism Information Office of the Municipality of Hersonissos.

  • Be There NOW! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different sceneries and immerses the users in various landscapes, by depicting the visitors standing before it, within the landscapes and the vistas projected, as if they were at that place.
  • Edu Games is a game kiosk that includes a multitouch screen which can be used from one or more players and is consisted of two educative and entertaining games:
    • Jigsaw Puzzle. Players are called to complete a puzzle. Players are allowed to select the difficulty level and image of their preference. As the puzzle is successfully completed, users can explore information related to that image.
    • Cryptolexo. Words are hided within a grid of random letters, which users are called to detect. As the words are successfully selected, multimedia content with descriptive text is provided on the screen.
  • Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a large touch screen. When a word/image is selected, an information window opens, which may contain an image or video accompanied by a short textual description. All selected items can be freely moved and tossed around, as well as magnified or shrunk using multi touch gestures.
  • Interactive Column facilitates instant information by employing the steam metaphor. A stream of information floating from the top of the column to the bottom is presented. The system employs a large vertical touch screen display where a continuous flow of announcements from various sources and types (text, image, and video clip) is presented. Announcements appear and disappear automatically based on their publication and expiration dates. Furthermore, users are able to send information retrieved from an announcement to their e-mail account. The Interactive Column employs content administration facilities, such as information sources management, and embedding of RSS feeds.
  • Media Gallery is a system that allows browsing and exploring large collections of multimedia information (images and video clips) using touchless remote interaction, by employing computer vision technologies. Media Gallery contains a grid of multimedia components through which the user may select the item of interest. The functionalities that the system offers include: (a) quick overview of the entire collection, (b) focus on a single item to obtain additional information (e.g., a short description) and easy browsing of items in the vicinity of the selected one, (c) zooming in the details of the selected item.
  • Mosaic is a system that integrates a large interactive touch display in which a collection of double sided cards is displayed.
  • The Interactive Multimedia Viewer enables the presentation and remote management of multimedia content presentes in one or more computers at the same time.
  • Panoptes is a digital exhibition-catalogue system which allows visitors to browse its content and dwell on details of images, read accompanying texts and follow threads of information. Panoptes builds upon the concepts of playful and aesthetic interaction combining functionality with playfulness and serendipity, thus offering an alternative to information kiosks used for browsing item collections.
  • PaperView is a tabletop augmented reality system that supports the exploration of terrain-based information (e.g., areas of interest on a 2D map, or a 3D scale model) using rectangular pieces of plain cardboard. The system allows users to study information and interactive multimedia, using the cardboards as individual interactive screens; these cardboard screens can be lifted and held at various angles. Multiple users can concurrently use the table.
  • Peridexio is a system that offers users the possibility of exploring an object and/or a subject in depth. The system has a touch screen that presents a view of an object at a time. Visitors can select the object or the view they wish to see and then discover points of interest and relative multimedia information, or zoom in on any detail at will.

Contact details

Municipal Office of Hersonissos
GR-700 14 Gournes

Tel.: +30 2897 340000