AmI Chef

A context-sensitive cooking system that supports the resident of an Intelligent Home while preparing meals, by providing interactive, multimodal, intuitive, and personalized support, while simplifying the overall process by reducing the user’s mental load.

The user interacts with the technological equipment of the Intelligent Kitchen, which mainly consists of large interactive displays, in order to: a) browse recipes, b) manage kitchen inventory, c) plan meals, and d) navigate across previously prepared meals.

AmIChef enables users to initially browse through automatically curated lists of recipes (based on their personal profile), then customize them according to their preferences, and finally execute them while receiving real-time feedback with respect to the steps, ingredients, utensils, time, and actions to be taken. In particular, AmIChef presents for each step the ingredients and the cooking utensils users have to collect from the surrounding environment along with the actions they need to perform. The AmIChef’s objective is to ensure that a user can prepare a meal as easily, quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.