AR AmI Explorer

The system offers interactive simulation of physical spaces in Augmented Reality (AR) environments.

AR AmI Explorer offers interactive exploration of physical spaces in Augmented Reality (AR) environments. The system comprises the Augmented Reality application “AR AmI Explorer” and a 3D model of physical space. In the demonstration version, the system displays a 3D model of parts of the Ambient Intelligence Facility of ICS-FORTH. Through the application, the physical model of the building is enriched (augmented) with digital content including information and audiovisual material about several interactive systems developed at ICS-FORTH by the AmI Programme. The system applies a novel interaction paradigm which in combination with the use of image, light and sound serves the overall purpose to (a) “transform” the procedure of exploring a space into an interactive, entertaining experience and (b) to showcase the important elements of that space.

This is a system that can be utilized by cultural heritage organizations and museums, offering visitors the possibility of being shown spaces that are not open to the public, or to explore alternative versions of existing spaces. Furthermore, it can used in architectural or engineering studies, as it enables the enrichment of physical models and objects with digital content (i.e. lighting, static or moving objects, plants, textures, colours) in order to achieve a more complete representation. Finally, it can be utilized in the education and work domains as a teaching tool, while also offering a novel medium for targeted advertisement and marketing of products and services.


Temporary Installations