A system that allows the ubiquitous presentation of relaxation programs in Intelligent Environments to manage the stress level of individuals

People using the system will be able to monitor their stress levels in real time and either follow automatic personalized relaxation suggestions from the system, or voluntarily activate any of the system’s relaxation programs.

To calculate the stress level, the following parameters are utilized: (a) data obtained from the Empatica E4 wearable wristband device that records physiological signals (e.g. electrodermal activity, skin temperature), and (b) information from the user profile and the overall context of use (e.g. user’s daily activities, health, nutrition and sleep status). More specifically, the system continuously monitors the user’s physiological signals and when a peak is identified, it uses contextual information to determine whether a stressful situation, which should trigger an intervention, has occurred.

In order to relieve stress, CaLmi is able to suggest to the user the most appropriate relaxation program according to his or her needs and preferences, and present it using one or more technology-enhanced items found indoors. In more detail, a pervasive relaxation player application has been created in order to provide appropriate interventions, which are presented in the form of relaxation programs, when necessary. By exploiting the ambient facilities of the Intelligent Home, the player has the ability to create a relaxing experience by projecting multimedia to all room’s display areas, playing appropriate sound(s) and music from the room’s speakers, adjusting the ambient lighting conditions, releasing a pleasant scent into the room, etc. In comparison to existing work, CaLmi is the first stress management system that uses both biofeedback and contextual information in order to detect stress and offers ambient relaxation programs which are adaptable to the individual users’ needs and environment.


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