A Software Development Kit for Adaptive Tabletop Applications in the Context of the Smart Living room

FLUID is a web-based software development kit that provides an application hosting environment, explicitly customized to be deployed on surface displays, which binds all surface computing applications under a common roof. Additionally, FLUID grants the developers the ability to compose and manage in real-time flexible and adaptable ‘surface-computing-web-applications’ through a rich application programming interface (API). Furthermore, it offers a set of utilities that empowers intelligent space designers to monitor and evaluate the behavior of their applications by simulating different scenarios of use.

In comparison to related work, FLUID offers an innovative, context-aware, user-centric environment that not only hosts surface computing applications, but also resolves two prominent surface computing issues: the occlusion of graphical user interfaces from physical objects, as well as user interface cluttering. This is achieved through a sophisticated and configurable virtual space management mechanism, through which hosted applications get reorganized in an intelligent manner, ensuring a smooth User Experience (UX) to their end-users.