A system that monitors sleep unobtrusively and provides personalized sleep recommendations to the residents of an Intelligent Home to improve their sleep quality and therefore their overall well-being.

HypnOS monitors sleep patterns in order to detect possible sleep abnormalities and then provide effective guidance to avoid them in order to improve their overall sleep quality. To assess overall sleep quality and to provide personalized sleep insights, the following parameters are utilized: (a) sleep-related parameters and bio-signals obtained from a variety of wireless sleep trackers (i.e. wearable activity tracker/watch, under-the-mattress sleep tracker, EEG headband); (b) contextual information by exploiting the infrastructure of an Intelligent Home (e.g. stress levels); and (c) habitual information (e.g. smoking, alcohol) and subjective measurements (e.g. mood, alertness, sleepiness) by using a daily sleep diary which is offered by HypnOS mobile application.

Additionally, HypnOS utilizes the ambient facilities (e.g. lighting system, speakers, scent diffuser) of the Intelligent Bedroom so as to enhance the environment (e.g. lights, sound, scent) and create experiences that can potentially facilitate the falling asleep and waking up processes. In more detail, it offers a smart alarm which aims to wake up users gently (e.g. using natural sounds) and a collection of relaxation programs that assist users having difficulties in falling asleep (e.g. through appropriate ambient lighting conditions).

From an end-user perspective, the system presents daily detailed sleep reports including – amongst others – details regarding sleep patterns, movements during sleep, hours of sleep, etc. and personalized sleep recommendations in order to encourage them to obtain healthier habits during the day. In addition, a daily sleep diary is provided as an extra functionality that supplements the basic monitoring from the sleep trackers in order to collect information about residents’ daily habits and their subjective measurements.

HypnOS is a holistic approach which creates an unobtrusive sleep monitoring system for Intelligent Homes, able to detect sleep abnormalities and provides personalized sleep hygiene guidelines based on a variety of monitored data (e.g., user daily activities and habits) in order to improve sleep quality.


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