Intelligent Classroom

A student-oriented and educator-friendly “Intelligent Classroom”, that aims to support students in their journey to acquiring knowledge.

The “Intelligent Classroom” is a simulation space located within the AmI Facility, which provides an ideal testbed for assessing the effects of intelligent technologies on key aspects of the educational process. The hardware facilities of the classroom environment include both commercial equipment and technologically augmented custom-made objects:

  • ΜodDesk: the Intelligent Student Desk, featuring a modular design, where customizable surfaces could be added or removed on demand to support the specific and different needs of each course. For example, during the chemistry course the student can utilize a surface featuring equipment appropriate for chemical experiments such as smart flasks, test tubes, scales, a Bunsen burner and other basic accessories.
  • CognitOS Board: the “Intelligent Classroom Board” – a wall-to-wall projected Interactive board – which takes advantage of the facilities offered by the intelligent environment and the amenities stemming from its large dimensions (wall-size), in order to enhance educational activities and provide new educator- and student- oriented experiences.
  • LECTOR Podium: a comfortable workstation, namely an arm-chair with two embedded tablets and a variety of sensors, aiming to assist educators during their mission of disseminating knowledge. The tablets host various applications that permit educators to access educational material, get a general overview of the class, and monitor student attention in a seamless and unobtrusive manner. Hidden LED lights permit educators to light-up the chair using color indicating various situations (e.g. lights of orange color indicate that students are expected to submit their assignments). Additionally, a force resistive sensor allows the environment to know whether someone is seated in the arm-chair, while embedded microphones support voice recognition, and directional speakers enable the delivery of sound notifications targeting the educator.

Sophisticated software transforms the environment into a smart ecosystem that evolves around the needs of its users and acts in an appropriate manner when deemed necessary:

  • LECTOR: a framework responsible for: (i) monitoring human behaviour inside an Intelligent Classroom, (ii) detecting problematic situations, and (iii) intervene appropriately to each situation. In more details, LECTOR – in conjunction with the AmI technologies of the Intelligent Classroom – observes student attention levels during lectures (SENSE) in order to identify possible inattentive behaviours (THINK), and provides situationally appropriate interventions to support both students and educators in the learning process (ACT).
  • CognitOS: a web-based window manager that hosts educational applications and instantiates a common Look ‘n’ Feel across the various classroom artifacts, thus transforming the classroom into a unified environment rather than a group of isolated units. When deemed necessary by the LECTOR framework, CognitOS acts as an intervention host aiming to (i) draw the educator’s attention on problematic situations and (ii) re-engage distracted or unmotivated students in the educational process.


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