An Intelligent Modular Student Desk.

ModDesk is an Intelligent Student Desk, featuring a modular design, where customizable surfaces could be added or removed on demand to support the specific and different needs of each course. For example, during the chemistry course the student can utilize a surface featuring equipment appropriate for chemical experiments such as smart flasks, test tubes, scales, a Bunsen burner and other basic accessories.

Considering that related studies recommend to equip students with a display along with an appropriate input method as it would be beneficial for the educational process, the surfaces of modDesk feature built-in monitors and input devices, but also enable students to connect their handheld devices (e.g., Smartphones, Tablets). Via sophisticated mechanisms the desk identifies any external devices that are docked to its surface or that are in close proximity, and determines the capabilities they offer. Based on the identified capabilities, modDesk adapts to offer better support to the student. This new generation desk aims to further increase students’ engagement and motivation, providing hands-on experience and offering personal study spaces featuring specialized equipment.


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