Arts & Culture

Arts and culture in the context of Ambient Intelligence Environments refers to the systematic effort of enriching Cultural Heritage Resources with information and providing innovative means of interaction with digital and physical artefacts in various contexts, including Cultural Heritage Institutions. Furthermore, it also explores novel means of creating art through the integration of smart interactive technology and augmented reality in the art creation experience.

Stater 360²

Exploring archaeological artifacts in Stater 360² through physical and multitouch interaction with a double rotating gimbal.


A very large interactive screen that can be used by several visitors who wish to explore multifaceted information on a subject at the same time.


Aether is an interactive system that allows the creation of a continuous flow of an unlimited number of images through any number of computers…


CopyCut is an interactive exhibit that supports artistic creation through a very a simple, easy to learn and engage, interaction approach that yields…

Info Kiosk

Info kiosk provides information within categories in the form of augmented digital book, enriched with additional features.


A system that presents very large images, which visitors can explore by walking around in a room.


An innovative wireless e-guide device also supporting exploratory gaming in physical environments.

Interactive Map

A system that comprises points of interest shown on a map which allows users to extract information in multimedia content and text form with the touch…


Infocloud comprises a collection of keywords, images and video thumbnails displayed on a very large touch screen.

Adaptable, personalizable and multi-user museum exhibits

A complete solution to enhance visitor experiences within Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs), by augmenting two dimensional paintings.

Art Table

The Art Table is a complete solution based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 interactive table device that targets the art fruition experience by all…


A hidden crossword game loved by all ages, which combines entertainment with knowledge.


This system integrates a large interactive touch display in which a collection of double sided cards is displayed.

Museum Guide

This system aims to guide the visitor through a museum via an interactive map.


A digital exhibition-catalogue system which allows visitors to browse its content and dwell on details of images, read accompanying texts and follow…
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