Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Athens, Greece

Since October 2017

The Institute of Computer Science of FORTH in collaboration with the Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) has installed Wall Touch in the facilities of PIOP in Plaka. The system allows visitors of all ages to extract information about the PIOP Museum Network in a pleasant and interactive way. More specifically, users are able to select one of the following applications:

A. Infocloud, a constant flow of information, comprising keywords, images and videos related to the exhibits of the PIOP Museum Network. Users are able to select a specific category in order to obtain related information to each Museum, such as a description of the production process of a product (e.g. silk, olive oil, mastic, etc.), historical information, traditional tools, etc.

B. Cryptolexo, a hidden crossword puzzle in which users are asked to discover the areas, where the museums that belong to the Museum Network of PIOP are located. Initially, the user is asked to select the difficulty level of his preference and then find the hidden words, either by swiping his finger on the screen or by touching the first and the last letter of a keyword. After a word is successfully selected, the map of Greece emerges with the corresponding area being highlighted and accompanied by relevant information.