Interactive oversized presentations with Augmented Physical Objects

Interactive oversized presentations with Augmented Physical Objects: The “Chart of Greece”

The interactive system “Chart of Greece” was designed and developed for the 200 years anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 exhibition, “Revolution21reframed”. It has a central role in the subsection “Modern Greek Enlightenment” which features the importance of the Age of Enlightenment and its influence to the Greek War of Independence (1821). The interactive system presents the life of Rigas Velestinlis who published the Chart in Vienna (1797). It also presents the impact of his work, his associates, the symbols, the historic places and the coins depicted to the Chart. A special mention is made of the French Revolution and of its influence on Rigas’ ideas.

The interactive system was implemented in two versions: The first one, to be installed in the exhibition spaces of the Old Parliament Building, comprises an oversized projection with a touch-screen and users can interact both with touch and through an augmented physical object. The second version is simpler, in order for the system to be presented through a single touch screen, so that it can travel to different cities for temporary or long-term exhibitions.


Long Term Installations