Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a system that allows browsing and exploring large collections of multimedia information (images and videos) using touchless remote interaction, by employing computer vision technologies.

Media Gallery contains a grid of multimedia components through which the user may select the item of interest. The functionalities that the system offers include:

  1. Quick overview of the entire collection
  2. Focus on a single item to obtain additional information (e.g., a short description) and easy browsing of items in the vicinity of the selected one
  3. Zooming in the details of the selected item


Target Domains

Furthermore, the system is targeted mainly for use in public spaces, where usually users have limited time to explore interactive systems and addresses the info-tainment domain, which combines information and entertainment.

An additional area of application is the field of advertising, where the system can be used for the presentation and the promotion of any type of products. Remote manipulation allows avoiding hygiene-related issues and preserving the cleanliness of the visual display.


Long Term Installations

Temporary Installations


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