Educator-Oriented Tools for Managing the Attention-Aware Intelligent Classroom

15 Stefanidi, E., Korozi, M., Leonidis, A., Doulgeraki, M., & Antona, M. In the Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2018), Rome, Italy, 25-29 March 2018 (pp. 72-77). IARIA. 2018 The emergence of Intelligent Classrooms and in particular classrooms that are equipped with appropriate infrastructure for identifying the students’ attention levels, has raised the need for appropriate educator-friendly tools that facilitate monitoring and management of these educational environments. This paper presents two such systems: LECTORviewer and NotifEye. LECTORviewer is deployed on the educator’s personal workstation and offers an overview of the students’ attention levels. Additionally, through its intuitive user interface, educators can provide their input regarding ambiguous behaviors or scheduled interventions that aim to
reengage distracted, tired or unmotivated students to the educational process. NotifEye is a smart watch application for educators that aims to communicate, in a mobile fashion, important events occurring during a lesson (e.g., 60% of students are tired). This work presents the functionality of these tools and the usability findings of a heuristic evaluation experiment conducted with UX experts for LECTORviewer.

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