Going Beyond Second Screens: Applications for the Multi-display Intelligent Living Room

15 Leonidis, A., Korozi, M., Kouroumalis, V., Adamakis, E., Milathianakis, D. & Stephanidis, C. ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences 2021 This work aims to investigate how the amenities offered by Intelligent Environments can be used to shape new types of useful, exciting and fulfilling experiences while watching sports or movies. Towards this direction, two ambient media players were developed aspiring to offer live access to secondary information via the available displays of an Intelligent Living Room, and to appropriately exploit the technological equipment so as to support natural interaction. Expert-based evaluation experiments revealed some factors that can influence the overall experience significantly, without hindering the viewers’ immersion to the main media. https://doi.org/10.1145/3452918.3465486

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