Be There NOW!

Be There NOW! is an interactive system that allows the exploration of different images, in which users are immersed as if they were there.

The system comprises a large interactive screen, a physical object (e.g. cube), and a smaller touch screen.

The system contains a number of digital images which users can browse either through touch or by rotating the cube placed nearby the system. In addition, users can take a snapshot and send it through e-mail, by touching the image of a camera.

The implementation of this system involves computer vision technologies for the users’ background removal and image acquisition.


Target Domains

The system comes under the domain of info-tainment, which combines information and entertainment, while it is targeted mainly for use in public spaces. An additional area of application is the field of advertising, as the content of the system can be suitable for promotion of any type of products.



Long Term Installations

Temporary Installations


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