Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Since April 2017

The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities was founded in February 1997 as a part of the Public Centre for Social Welfare in Crete. Its goals are: Prevention, Early diagnosis, and Education and rehabilitation for children and teenagers (0-18 years old) with developmental and psychokinetic disorders, such as: mobility and sensory disabilities, cognitive impairments and speech disorders.
The Institute of Computer Science of Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas has installed the following innovative interactive games:
  • Home Game, an interactive educational game, supporting touch and card-based interaction that aims to familiarize children with household objects, as well as the overall home environment daily activities.
  • CocinAR, an Augmented Reality system, utilizing tangible objects and supporting card-based interaction, for teaching cooking skills to children through a playful approach.