Interactive Column

Interactive Column facilitates instant information by employing the stream metaphor, presenting a stream of information floating.

The system employs a large vertical touch screen display where a continuous flow of announcements from various sources and types (text, image, and video clips) is presented. Announcements appear and disappear automatically based on their publication and expiration dates.

The characteristics of each announcement (e.g., size, color, and duration on screen) are automatically adjusted based on semantic information such as importance, date of publication, expiration date, life span, source etc. Announcements may also include internet links redirecting to additional information.

Users can filter the presented information according to a number of criteria, such as content, time, or target audience. Furthermore, they are provided with options for sending information retrieved from an announcement to their e-mail account.

Finally the system employs content administration facilities, such as information sources management, and embedding of RSS feeds.

Target Domains
The Interactive Column addresses the Commerce and Marketing domain, providing information streams stemming from various sources such as RSS feeds, social media, static content, etc.



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