Integrating Ambient Intelligence Technologies for Empowering Agriculture

15 Stratakis, C., Stivaktakis, N.M., Bouloukakis, M., Leonidis, A., Doxastaki, M., Kapnas, G., Evdaimon, T., Korozi, K., Kalligiannakis, E., & Stephanidis, C. (2021) In the Proceedings of the 13th EFITA International online Conference, 25-26 May 2021. Engineering Proceedings 2021, 9(1), 41. Open Access, published online: 11 January 2022 2022 This work blends the domain of Precision Agriculture with the prevalent paradigm of Ambient Intelligence, so as to enhance the interaction between farmers and Intelligent Environments, and support their various daily agricultural activities, aspiring to improve the quality and quantity of cultivated plants. In this paper, two systems are presented, namely the Intelligent Greenhouse and the AmI seedbed, targeting a wide range of agricultural activities, starting from planting the seeds, caring for each individual sprouted plant up to their transplantation in the greenhouse, where the provision for the entire plantation lasts until the harvesting period.

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