Demonstration of AmI technologies to the Ambassador of Argentine Republic

The Ambassador of Argentine Republic, Ms Carolina Pérez Colman showed particular interest in the Ambient Intelligence technologies demonstrated in the AmI Programme facility. The Ambassador outlined Argentine research objectives and highlighted the emphasis placed on research in recent years. The Ambassador pointed out the similarities between the two countries and expressed the desire of a scientific cooperation development in various fields of common interest.

SIAL Paris, International Food Exhibition

Media Gallery was featured in the Union of Heraklion (Uniher S.A.) booth in the “SIAL Paris, International Food Exhibition” from 16 to 20 October 2016. Sial Fair 2016 was a great chance for Uniher S.A. to present its whole product range  in a B2B audience worldwide. True Cretan extra virgin olive oil with its unique color, aromas and exquisite taste, a pure product from Crete’s farmers – producers managed to fascinate even the most demanding tasters.

Region of Crete and Heraklion Chamber of  Commerce participated in promotional activities for extra virgin olive oil of Crete and strongly encouraged every action being made to boost the economy of Crete, specifically the primary agricultural production, key- sector for our economy.

European Researchers’ Night 2016 @ FORTH

Date: 30 September 2016
Location: FORTH, Heraklion Crete, Greece

Interactive Information Systems in Arkadi Monastery, Rethymnon, Crete

Date: 7 August 2016
Location: Arkadi Monastery

Stater 360: An interactive system for the presentation of ancient coins

The interactive system Stater 3602, which allows the public to become familiar with selected ancient coins from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, is in operation at the ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store.

European Researchers’ Night 2015 @ FORTH

Date: 25 September 2015
Location: FORTH, Heraklion Crete, Greece

78th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (TIF)

Date: 7 – 15 September 2013
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece